The Empowered Automation Platform

The Universal Data Connector, combined with a wide variety of connectors for devices, databases, applications, IoT services, IIoT security and more, is the most robust and flexible framework for enterprise systems integration. Developer tools and APIs allow for infinite customization and automation. Empowered Automation Solutions one of the few IIoT companies.

Universal Data Connector

With direct PLC, and IoT connectors, the Universal Data Connector and its network architecture are the core of the Empowered Automation Platform. The UDC is a Windows Service and can be deployed in many ways. Additional Empowered Automation Platform features are enabled in the UDC to achieve data source connectivity, to log data, to log and raise alarm notifications, and to expose tools for application developers. Helping IIoT manufacturing advance their initiatives.

Data Historian

High-speed, fault-tolerant logging to popular open data formats and databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Access, SQL Azure, MariaDB, SQLite, InfluxDB, and CSV files.

 Data is continually buffered, so unreliable network connectivity or scheduled outages will not interrupt the collection of data. Up to 1 million data points can be logged per call, achieving up to 100 nanosecond resolution. Windows and Web visualization of real time and historical data. Platform components that integrate with your open databases.

Alarm Logging & Notification

Set simple or complex alarm conditions and trigger notifications via email, SMS, or voice mail. System alarms can be logged for historical analysis, and displayed in real time within .NET, web, and other applications using Empowered Automation IIoT security Developer Tools and APIs.

Device & Data Connectors

The Empowered Automation Platform includes connectors to achieve direct communications to IIoT manufacturing Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs, as well as Modbus devices, OPC UA data sources, open database, and more. There is no better or flexible way to connect to your data and to provide it to unlimited endpoints or integrations.

IoT Connectors

Connect to cloud-based IoT gateways such as Amazon Web Services, Azure IoT, and MQTT Brokers to move device data into the cloud. Achieve a true IIoT solution by incorporating the speed and reliability of the Empowered Automation IIoT software platform into your IoT ecosystem.

Developer Tools & APIs

Build Visualizations, User Interfaces, and Automation apps using Developer Tools and APIs, for .NET, web technologies, native iOS and Android mobile apps, and using a REST API for devices and applications on any platform. Developers can choose from components and libraries for creating visualization apps, headless data automations, or even automated configuration and deployment of Empowered Automation-based systems one of the IIoT companies.