Industrial Automation-Best Scada System

Hundreds of customers trust Empowered Automation because for over 10  years we have been at the forefront of OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology. Empowered Automation delivers the Industrial Automation solutions and products they need.

Empowered Automation  Solutions believes OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT software should be open, should reach beyond the control room, should be easy to implement and cost effective. With that in mind, Empowered Automation products have been created to empower anyone in the industrial automation and IoT space by freeing your data and not locking you into any one vendor.

Automation Information Systems Flexibility

With many features to choose from you only need to purchase what is relevant to your project. Connect to a variety of data sources such as Allen Bradley and Siemens controllers, Modbus devices and master clients, OPC and OPC UA Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Excel, Web and .Net applications, cloud-based services like AWS and Azure, an remote APIs.

Unlimited Connections

With Empowered Automation Solutions you can not only develop the best HMI/SCADA solution with no coding required but you can create unlimited connections with drivers.

Decentralized Network

By running as a service on Windows or Linux data is secure and reliable with a resolution to 100 nanoseconds. Industrial Automation Services can be deployed in many ways, combining central data aggregation with the power of Edge Computing. 

 Cost Reduction

The initial cost of  Empowered Automation Information Systems is far less than our competitors – but the savings don’t stop there. Easily and quickly develop world-class OPC, HMI and the best SCADA system using Empowered and Visual Studio, or utilize any web application platform for web and mobile solutions.