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Internet of Things examples that will blow your mind

The examples of the Internet of Things give us a more exact dimension of what this technological advance leaves us in our daily lives.

Despite being a concept that is becoming more and more familiar, we often see it as distant, only for the rich, for big companies, or to imagine ourselves in a science fiction world.

However, this technology is not here for that. Its function is to improve people’s lives.

You will see that with the Internet of Things examples that we are going to see in this post, you begin to look at it with much friendlier and more affectionate eyes. 🙂

What is the Internet of Things?

I am not going to elaborate on this concept, because what interests us today are its applications. But we are going to give a little definition so that we all focus and know what we are talking about

The Internet of Things is a concept that is based on the interconnection of everyday objects.

Examples of the Internet of Things related to home automation.

Applications of the Internet of Things in the field of home automation are surely the most popular. They remind us a lot of science fiction movies and, also, many are already being marketed and within the reach of many families.

1- Mango Mirror, the smart mirror.
As simple to use as standing in front of it. Connected to different health APPs, the mirror is able to inform you of your weight, sleep quality, body hydration, and more details.

But it is also capable of providing you with the weather forecast, traffic conditions or your schedule for the week.

How would it look in your bedroom or bathroom?

2- Home security.
How would you like to go on vacation and have your house watched from your smartphone? There are already APPs that you can download on your mobile and connect with webcams strategically installed in your home. Some are free.

It’s that simple. You install it and you visualize it.

The other application is to monitor your pet when you go to work. Aren’t you curious what he does when you leave home?

3- Cleaning at home with Roomba.
They say it works very well even for cleaning pet hair. Have you used it?

However, the recent news of this connection is that its manufacturer wanted to load the user’s house plan into the software . That way Roomba would be more efficient. But the alarm has gone off warning of the possible sale of such personal data.

At the moment there is no confirmation that it has happened, so you can continue cleaning for sure.

4- Refrigerators connected.
They have arrived. Your fridge alerts you if you are missing a basic product or if you have others about to expire. Not only that. It is also capable of placing the order for you, to have it delivered to your home.

Some of them you can connect with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, and buy your products in this Marketplace.

You can now receive guests at any time!

Examples of everyday Internet of Things.

The daily lives of people can also be improved with these examples of the Internet of Things. Beyond the smartphone, the Tablet or the Smart TV, the connections of objects have continued to occur, leaving us these applications

5- Robot suitcase.
The Travelmate (that’s what it’s called) doesn’t need to be pushed or pulled. It works like a robot and follows you everywhere. Control is done from an APP or with voice commands. It incorporates LED lights and a security system, such as a touch-fingerprint opening.

His forecast is to go on the market for the beautiful figure of $ 1,000. Does it compensate you in exchange for the torture of stretching her?

6- Manchester and its electric bus.
A pilot project that demonstrated 80% less energy consumption. Obviously, it favors the environment and its maintenance is controlled through the Internet.

In its favor it has to be recharged between 3 and 6 minutes.

Who could install a whole public transport of these characteristics

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